Project Description
Want to send email from Azure? Cloud Mail is designed to provide a small, effective and reliable solution for sending email from the Azure platform directly addressing several problems that application developers face.

Microsoft does not provide an SMTP Gateway (yet) so the application is forced to connect directly to one hosted somewhere else, on another network. Gmail might be fine for testing but do you really want to rely on a free service in production? To compound the problem what happens to your email if your chosen SMTP gateway is down or there are connection problems? Finally, what if you want to send email via a company’s mail server, from inside their firewall?

Cloud Mail solves these problems by providing a small client library that you can use in your solution to send emails from you application and a Windows Service that you run inside your companies network that acts as a relay. Because the send and relay are disconnected there are no lost emails and you can send from your own SMTP Gateway.

Note: Running the relay as a Worker Role in the cloud will be supported in release v1.0.

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